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A Goat!?!

by on January 19, 2015

You never know what you are going to encounter while riding.  Consider this.

On Friday, Bill C and I were riding in southern Anne Arundel County when we happened upon something quite unusual.

At the top of the first climb out of Rose Haven, we noticed a critter on the road, standing on the center line. As we approached, we discovered it was a goat. When this goat saw us, he turned, squared off, lowered his head and charged. I was in front and he was headed straight at me.  I shouted and took some evasive action. I imagine Bill was not only staying safely behind but laughing at this charging goat. When it got within about 15 feet of me, it skidded to a stop and turned away from the encounter. I had already imagined what an impact with a charging goat would have done to me, and breathed a sigh of relief.

Bill described it this way:

I can verify Earl’s story – the goat did charge at us. When we were 150 yards from it, it wandered into the road as if it was going to cross the road. I thought, interesting, never have seen a goat in the road before. Then it turned towards us and started walking at us. Okay, it will surely move as we get closer. When we were about 50 yards away it started lowering it’s head and took 3 -4 charging hops. At this point Earl started yelling and I followed to convince it to get a different plan for fun that day. Finally it turned back towards its yard. I don’t know how I would explain that one at the pearly gates of heaven (assuming I make it – Earl’s a shoo-in) “Well you see, I was on a bike ride and there was this goat…..”

Be careful out there!

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