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60 Days and Counting!

by on April 21, 2015

We are now 60 days away from Team RAAM start (June 20th) and I continue to get more and more excited.  The training is going well.  Yesterday I went out for a rare afternoon ride and over the 26 miles averaged 18.7 mph!  The two rides a day are increasing in frequency.  I’m on target to exceed 1,000 miles this month.  Just this morning I passed another milestone.  In each of the 4 months of this year I’ve exceeded my previous high mileage for that month (across 6 years).

Next up in the training are some other conditioning exercises.  I’ll start pulling together my equipment/clothing/supply lists soon and schedule my bikes for maintenance and new components.

This is getting real!

On a side note: Yesterday I looked through Team RAAM history and found only 4 other 4 person mixed gender over age 6o teams.  Two were over age 70.  That puts us in a pretty rare category!


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