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Time to ramp up the posting!

by on June 1, 2015

We are down to less than 3 weeks before RAAM!  Preparations continue.

In the last month, I’ve accomplished:

  • Over 1,100 miles in May
  • Chip & I pre-rode the toughest section of RAAM.  The most climbing per mile occurs between Cumberland, MD and Hancock, MD.  It was a real confidence booster!
  • I’ve started ordering final equipment.
  • The bikes were serviced and have been ridden to let everything settle in.
  • A fundraiser was planned.
  • Credentials have been given to Mike B who will be able to post here while we are on the road.

In all of this, I continue to work … which on some days seems to be more a distraction than a primary focus.

A few key things as we move ahead:

  1. A practice day will be held for riders and crew on Saturday, June 6 to practice rider exchanges.
  2. A local Fundraiser will be held at Romelo’s in Severna Park on Monday, June 8 from 5 – 10 p.m.
  3. We load the vans with bikes and equipment June 12 & 13 for their departure to California on June 14.
  4. We fly to California on Wednesday, June 17 and begin our final preparations and training.
  5. The race begins on Saturday, June 20th sometime after 3 p.m. Eastern time.
  6. Arrival in Annapolis is at the end of the race.  A Saturday morning finish (June 27th) would be fantastic!

I’ll be regularly posting here in June.

I’m as ready as I can be.  There is nothing I can do now to increase my fitness gains significantly.  I do plan a June 200k and continued riding.  I need to maintain fitness without getting injured.  Bike prep and packing will continue and I’ll log most of that, so check in often or subscribe to the blog so you will have regular updates.

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