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A Lot of Bike Prep

by on June 7, 2015

Today I spent some time getting bikes ready for RAAM.  I’m amazed at how long things took.

Washed two bikes and made sure that they were ready for use.

Installed required reflective strips on the Seven and a pair of shoes.

Installed a new tail light on the Seven.

New tires and tubes on the spare wheels, the Seven’s wheels, and the Kona’s wheels.

Installed required reflective strips on three wheel sets.

An emergency trip to the Bike Doctor because my front Seven wheel was making some real noise.  It turned out to be grit under the dust cap.  A minor problem.  I was afraid of a major wheel hub fail.

New chain on the Seven.

Removed extra bottle cages and other items that will not be required on the ride.

New batteries in the Garmin sensors.

I had hoped to get both bikes ready today.  I still have one left to go.

The bikes get loaded for their trip to California on Friday.

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