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RAAM Travel Day

by on June 18, 2015

Today was the travel day to California.  Clint and I were on the same flight from BWI, so I got a ride with him to the airport.  In the security line we bumped into Melissa from “Bike Like a Girl”.  As we chatted, suddenly an alarm went off and lights flashed, and everything came to a halt.  For about 10 minutes this piercing alarm sounded.  When it finally stopped, my ears felt as though they were stuffed with cotton.  More of the Bike Like a Girl team showed up, eventually numbering 5 of the 8 riders.  They were a hit, almost rock stars on the plane, especially to the pre-teen girls.

The flight was uneventful and long. The ground was hidden by clouds until Oklahoma.  I saw the Grand Canyon.  I was intimidated by the expansive desert below that seemed to get more desolate as we continued westward.  I’m glad I’m only riding about 1/4 of it.

When we landed, we discovered that our other 3 riders had been delayed by weather in Texas.  We grabbed the shuttle to Oceanside, and arrived at about 1:30 local time, famished.  A late lunch with another crew member and some down time in the room was the plan until Chip, John, and Nancy arrived.  

We ate dinner together (mostly) then a few of us watched the sunset over the Pacific and walked to the starting line/pier. 

 Thursday the crew will prepare the vans and riders will take an easy ride on the first part of the course.  Beyond that … hydration and rest and nutrition are the key tasks.

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