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55 mile solo ride

by on April 17, 2010

This Ride: 55.26 mi

Kona Miles: 501.8 mi

2010 Total: 902.3 mi

This morning (Friday, April 16) I set out solo to attempt my longest ride to date.  It was a pleasant day, with temps in the 60s and just a light wind.

I traveled south to Sandy Point State Park, around to the Naval Academy Bridge, then back north along the trail for my first leg.  I recorded my longest 1 hour, and my fastest 20 miles to date.  Construction on the fastest part of the trail slowed me down.

I stopped by my house for 5 minutes to grab some sunscreen and top off my water and Gatorade bottles.  I continued north to circle BWI taking the trail the entire distance.  On the western side of BWI a large bird kept circling me, casting a shadow over my route.  I was having a tough time during this part of the ride and imagined it to be a turkey vulture.  The last 15 – 20 miles tore me up some, but it was a great accomplishment.

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