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Monday Rides

by on April 19, 2010

These Rides: 25 mi

Kona Miles: 534.7 mi

2010 Total: 935.2 mi

The day started with a chilly (44 degrees) commute to work (2.85 miles).  I encountered a high school girls gym class on the B&A trail this morning.  Most had bleary eyes and a “I can’t believe I’m out here in the cold at 7:45 am walking on this stupid trail” look to them.  I smiled.

The return commute for lunch was my first attempt at using the Garmin’s course feature.  It worked pretty well.  I made it back a minute faster than the course I had set up from last week’s commute (2.76 miles).

I wanted a new route for my minimum 1 hour scheduled ride today so I jumped on to a Severna Park Peleton member’s log page and discovered a “Solley Rd” route.  With only one miscue, and independent re-routing to fit my preferences, I tried a similar route.  I think because of a long stretch without cross streets and the need to stop for traffic, it bumped me up to my fastest average time (17.3 mph) and my fastest 5 mile split (18.3 mph).  Nice ride.  Comfortable.

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