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Transitions Continue

by on April 20, 2010

No chance for a ride today.  My schedule is booked from early morning until late at night.

It has been fun watching my transition from a recreational/fitness rider to someone who is starting to think of themselves as a cyclist.  This month I’ve taken some important steps.

  1. I rode with the Severna Park Peleton on April 2.  I want to do more of this, but I don’t have the cold weather gear yet (nor the desire to ride much below 50 degrees).  (Yeh, excuses.  Add ’em to the list.)  That will come.  It is a scheduling issue too.  Maybe this coming Friday.
  2. I joined the Severna Park Peleton mileage challenge.  I’m exactly midpoint in the rankings after 3 months.  One rider has 3,251 miles January 1 – March 31.  Wow!
  3. I’m getting a Severna Park Peleton Jersey.  What better way to feel like part of the group than to dress like them?
  4. I’m starting to think about how to extend my commute to work on the bike so that it is a little longer.  Current is less than 3 miles each way.

Then, looking back over the past few months,

  1. I’ve gone from average 30 minute rides to routine rides over an hour just this year, with a 4 mph increase in average speed.  I’m rapidly approaching 25 miles as my regular ride.
  2. My longest ride last year was 20 miles.  I’ve had over 12 over 20 mile rides this year, with my longest of 55 miles.
  3. I love it when the endorphins kick in!
  4. I miss riding on my rest days.

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