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April 22 Ride (Bay Dale)

by on April 23, 2010

This Ride: 20.6 mi

Kona Miles: 581.7 mi

2010 Total: 982.2 mi

Couldn’t get this posted yesterday.  The ride lasted longer than it should have.

Some days are full of challenges.  I decided to jump out and get a quick 20 miles or so Thursday afternoon.  My front derailleur stopped working … completely.  I couldn’t get it to move at all.  At least it was stuck in the big ring.  I stopped at the bike shop near the end of the ride, and 40 minutes later (now pressed for time), it was determined that the shifter was defective.  A new one is on order.

The ride was pretty good.  I got a bit confused on the route, choosing a path that I had not planned.  I love the hills on St. Margaret.  They give me a pretty good challenge (especially in the big front ring).

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