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First Metric Century!

by on April 23, 2010

This Ride: 65.9 mi

Kona Miles: 647.6 mi

2010 Total: 1048.1 mi (Over 1000 miles this year!)

Before dawn, I joined the Severna Park Peleton for the 5:45 ride to Annapolis, breakfast, and return.  We had 7 riders most of the ride to Annapolis and 4 back.  This is a great bunch of guys.  Two regulars joined us at the restaurant.  The pace was good.  Good conversation most of the way, and no incidents to report.

Once back home, I decided to stretch it out for the day and ride until about noon, figuring a 50-60 mile total was a good goal.  Two miles from home, I hit a thorn branch on the trail and immediately flatted the rear.  Tools out, I made quick work of the replacement … and then the valve for the CO2 canister wouldn’t work.  I have no hand pump.  No one else was on the trail, so I hefted the bike onto my back and started walking.  After about 3/4 mile I flagged down some riders with a pump, we got the tire inflated, and I headed back home to re-pressurize, went to a local bike shop for a new valve and tube, and launched out for the airport loop.

What a gorgeous day!  I started daydreaming, nearly missed a turn, and within seconds was over the handlebars on the ground.  I still really don’t know what happened.  It was quick.  If I had to guess, I probably turned the front wheel so tight that it just stopped.  No blood.  Sore hands (the bruises are blossoming on the thumb pads).  Some stiffness.  At least 15 miles from home.  I jumped back on, and soon was back up to a good pace and a good remaining ride.

I saw my first mockingbird of the season, played frogger with two squirrels, and saw some dragonflies.

Garmin Connect Link

(I hope to figure out how to embed these soon.)

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  1. Earl –

    It was great to see you at breakfast Friday. Glad you weren’t hurt when you toppled over the bars. I’ll look forward to seeing you again soon on the trail.


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