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Indoor Trainer – Intervals

by on April 26, 2010

This Ride: 16.5 mi

Kona Miles: 647.6 mi

2010 Total: 1064.6 mi

I hate intervals.  I hate the trainer.  Riding indoors makes me appreciate the outdoors even more.  No wonder members of the SPP ride outdoors in all kinds of weather!

This is the first time back on a bike since the Metric Century.  I was surprised the past two days how sore I was … until I realized that it was the tumble causing the soreness, not the ride.  The bruises on my palms were quite sensitive.  I evidently stretched something along my back and side.  Nothing obviously broken.  Today that familiar endorphin buzz was back and felt pretty good.

There is no doubt on the heart rate graph that this was an interval day.  I could use higher and flatter tops.  Notice that even though I was on the trainer, I climbed 13 feet.  (Was that when I quickly went downstairs to get the forgotten water bottle at 8 minutes in?)

Link to Garmin Connect Summary

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