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Severna Park Peleton to Bay Ridge

by on April 27, 2010

This Ride: 35.0 mi

Kona Miles: 682.6 mi

2010 Total: 1099.6 mi

SPP Jersey

Member of the Peloton!

Today I decided to ride with the Tuesday evening ride from the SPP, and to wear my new SPP Jersey for the first time.  I look pretty good in it if I dare say so myself!

A total of six riders showed up at the Rusty Bridge at 5, and we took off.  I had really no idea how far this group goes and was prepared for about 20-25 miles.  As you see, it was 35 miles.  The first 15 miles were pretty quick, and I was pushing the heart rate into anaerobic territory pretty consistently.  I’m amazed at how guys 80 lbs heavier than I am can be pushing these speeds with much lower heart rates.  At perhaps the half-way point, when I was in the back of the peloton, I noticed my rear tire was squirrely on a curve, and sure enough, it was going flat.  I stopped and nearly had the tube out before the rest noticed I wasn’t with them and returned for support.  The tire change was quick and we were back on my way.  I appreciate not being alone in that kind of circumstance.

This was  a new route for me, south of Annapolis.  It is a pretty ride, but I had no idea where we were until after the ride and I looked at the map.

I won’t be able to ride the Tuesday night ride often due to work responsibilities, but it is nice to know there is a group riding regularly that I can join any time.

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