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Attitude Adjustment

by on April 28, 2010

This Ride: 11.9 mi

Kona Miles: 694.5 mi

2010 Total: 1111.5 mi

This afternoon I had more excuses not to ride than anyone I’ve seen on Judge Judy.  I didn’t sleep last night.  I’m tired.  It’s been a long day.  I want a nap before events this evening.  It is windy (20 mph) and cold (55).  I pushed it harder than I intended yesterday.

So, I took it easy but rode an attitude adjustment ride.  It worked … some.  The original goal was to ride with a maximum heart rate of 130, but soon I was off daydreaming and relaxing.  It is work trying to keep the heart rate within limits.

In other news, I learned that my new shifter will be in on Friday, and I can take the bike in then for an overhaul and to get the shifter installed.  Maybe I can do the 545 ride and still get a little more in that day before the shop opens at 10.

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