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What a difference a day makes

by on April 29, 2010

This Ride: 17.6 mi

Kona Miles: 712.1 mi

2010 Total: 1129.1 mi

What a difference a day makes.  It was 13 degrees warmer and the wind was 10 mph slower today.  I wore a  jersey and shorts rather than the warm-up suit from yesterday.  I also had a better attitude.  This was a much more enjoyable ride.  I rode the same route as yesterday and added two loops at the end on B&A Blvd/Ritchie/Magothy Bridge.  That’s a nice loop, with no traffic lights to speak of … all right turns.

Tomorrow I’ll go with the SPP 545 group to Annapolis for breakfast and maybe a little more back.  Then I’ll take the bike into the shop for new left front shifters.  It will be nice to have that front small ring back on the hills.

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