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Tuesday Night SPP Ride

by on May 4, 2010

This Ride: 36.5 mi
Kona Miles: 810.5 mi
Month to date: 70.9 mi
2010 Total: 1227.5 mi

I was looking forward to the Tuesday evening ride all day.  The humidity was coming down and the temps looked to be around 80 at the start of the ride.  Neil suggested the route, but not knowing those roads at all, I only heard Annapolis and Crofton.  There were 5 of us at the start.

We really started out at a very lazy pace.  My heart rate averaged about 120 for the first 30-40 minutes.  Climbing the Naval Academy Bridge, I noticed my rear wheel was “squirrely” again, and sure enough, it was a flat.  Quick change, with no evidence of any debris in the tire, off we went after only a short delay.

Things were going well for the ride, when on a lonely, narrow winding road … another flat.  This time it wasn’t so easy.  The extra spare tube I had only had a very short stem, and wouldn’t seat properly in the rim/tire.  A loaned tube and an analysis of where the hole in the old tube was revealed a piece of rock/glass that was imbeded in the tire so it was invisible from the outside and took time to puncture the tube on the inside.  I dug it out, reseated the tire, and we were on our way.  No other incidents.

I think I’m going to buy a dozen tubes and give them out to peloton members as an offering to the gods of cycling … and get those skins soon.  I’m getting a reputation.  The first tube had 40 miles (2 full rides)  on it before it flatted, the second had about 5 miles. This is 6 flats in about 8 rides, and 4 of those were with the peloton.

The route was pretty.  There was more vertical climbing that I knew was available around here.  Garmin says we climbed 1769 feet.  Oh, and I set a record!  I traveled 38.4 mph down one hill, well under the 55 mph speed limit.

I continue to be amazed at the overall improvement in my fitness level.  Three and a half months ago, this distance was my longest ever.  Today, this is a longer than average ride, but well within my range for a normal day.  I’ll not suffer tomorrow for this.

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One Comment
  1. That fitness improvement feels great, doesn’t it!

    re. the tubes…. there will always be an opportunity to pay it forward.

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