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5 Ride Wednesday

by on May 5, 2010

These Rides: 32.1 mi
Kona Miles: 842.6 mi
Month to date: 103 mi
2010 Total: 1259.6 mi

This was a day of several rides, and I used it to determine if it makes sense to use the Garmin for a whole day cumulative ride vs. individual rides.  (If I don’t use the heart rate monitor on all rides, and only on some, it does not synchronize with the other data points.)

The commute to work was a short easy ride.  I encountered the Severna Park High gym class again on the trail.  They seemed more alert than other mornings.  That’s not a bad start for the morning … a leisurely walk as the day begins … or a ride to work.  The ride from work in the early afternoon was uneventful.

For my afternoon longer ride, I took the trail south then to the Naval Academy Bridge.  I stopped frequently to adjust my rear derailleur cable.  I still don’t quite have it right.  Shifts are not smooth, and a gear or two jump and don’t seat properly.  I tried to use a larger gear than usual, attempting to strengthen my legs more in order to eventually increase my speed.  I was successful.  Average cadence was 77 compared to 82-85.

Late afternoon I rode back to work, and returned about 8:15.  There was nice color in the sky following the sunset.  I do love being in the saddle.

And … no flats!

Tomorrow, to the bike shop to look at  tire skins.  The ride tomorrow will be an easy pace (or a rest day) to rest some for a possible long ride on Friday.  I’ll definitely be doing the Friday 545 breakfast ride.

(I finally discovered that WordPress doesn’t allow the imbedded files from Garmin Connect.  The other option for me to post these is to save them as graphic files.  Clicking on the image will take you to the Garmin Connect details. I’ll try that for a while.)

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