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Rest Day – New Tires

by on May 6, 2010

Since I’m hoping to do a long ride day tomorrow, I decided to have a rest day today.  That doesn’t mean that I didn’t do cycling related tasks.

Frustrated with the number of flats I’ve experienced the past couple of weeks, I did some online research and decided against tire liners.  Reviews were terribly mixed.  Instead, I learned something about tires and decided to purchase something rated higher in puncture resistance than my stock Continental Ultra Sport. had some tires rated, and a quick visit to Bike Doctor in Arnold convinced me that the Continental Grand Prix 4000S was the right tire for me at this time.  I had the option of a red tread, but black suits me fine.

So, on this beautiful afternoon, I pulled the bike out on the deck and carefully replaced tires and tubes.  I checked and rechecked for pinches and good fit.  I’ll be interested on tomorrow’s ride how these tires perform … and if I notice any difference.

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