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Fantastic Friday!

by on May 7, 2010

This Ride: 72.6 mi
Kona Miles: 915.2 mi
Month to date: 175.6 mi
2010 Total: 1332.2 mi

The first part of the day’s ride was the 5:45 SPP Breakfast Ride to Annapolis.  What a gorgeous morning!  Seven of us gathered on the Rusty Bridge and soon were off, picking up one more rider within the first mile.  I believe we had a quicker pace  than previous rides.  Dangerous Dan regaled us with his aborted ride last weekend due to dehydration.  This guy is amazing.  He was in front leading the pack with Brian, setting a good pace, and telling the story as if he were sitting in a rocking chair.  I was having some trouble shifting into lower gears, and that caught up to me on the hill detour.  I was able to fine tune the gears later in the morning.   At the end of the trail, two riders turned back, leaving six for the ride into Annapolis.  We stretched out quite a bit over the Naval Academy Bridge, but soon were at Chick and Ruth’s for breakfast with Nancy as our waitress.  Three others joined us for breakfast.

We made quick work of the return after stopping off to see “The Pride of Baltimore” anchored at the City Docks in Annapolis.  The Pride of Baltimore is a “tall ship”.  Mike got photos.

I stopped back at the house to load up on gatoraide, fig newtons, water, and to drain off some of the coffee consumed earlier, then, back in the saddle for a quick trip to the bank to make a deposit.  By then I decided that I would go to Baltimore today by bike.  I picked up the B&A trail until it makes a sharp left in Glen Burnie, where I found a McDonald’s for a bathroom break.  I overheard many commenting about the guy taking his bike into the bathroom.  After a little confusion, I found my way to Rt 2, which is what I had decided to take into Baltimore because I know that route well.  I don’t think I’ll take it again.  There is no shoulder on most of Rt. 2.  Once you are in Baltimore (City or County) the drain grates are not bike friendly.  The draw bridge is not conducive to riding at all.  Near the Science Center there is a bike path around the Inner Harbor that is convenient, when it is not used for parking by delivery trucks.  I then made my way into Fells Point.  Note to self: Avoid Thames Street! Cobblestone streets are pretty, but they are tough on a bike.  Standing eliminated some of the shock, but I really had to travel slow.

I got to Fells Point too early.  Max’s Taphouse was not yet open.  The porta-potties were locked with big locks.  Downing some carbs and water I then made my way back downtown to the Visitor’s Center to use the restroom.  A staff member watched my bike.  Outside, a young family admired the bike, and the two young girls (six & eight) coached me on safety.  Back on and headed south I thought about taking a different route, but I don’t know another route well enough to be confident, so I braved Rt. 2 again.  Back in Glen Burnie, with my brain muddled by so much riding, I turned down Ordinance Road, thinking it was Furnace Branch Road, and it took me a while to get back.  I took Furnace Branch to B&A Blvd, then B&A south to Whites Road and got back on the trail so that I could finish with over 70 miles today.  I was pretty wiped, so I didn’t finish the trail before resting, refreshing, and turning back home.

This was fun.  25 miles with the group ride, and 48 solo.  I consumed 20 fig newtons, 2 bottles of gatoraide, an unknown amount of water, and 1 nutrigrain bar.  Now for a shower.

Oh, I almost forgot … I pulled only a small piece of glass out of my new tires, and it was barely imbeded.  These tires worked great.  I couldn’t tell the difference riding them, but the after effect was noticeable.

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  1. You rode another fifty miles after breakfast while I’ve been cooped up in my office?! Way to go! We’ll make a randonneur out of you yet.

  2. Check with Clint for alternative route to Baltimore. The day after Thanksgiving we all rode to Canton and the route was a little more bike friendly than Rte 2. I am envious of the miles you rode while I was in our NY office and then trapped in a car on the Jersey Turnpike. See you on the road.

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