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Sunday Afternoon

by on May 9, 2010

This Ride: 17.2 mi
Kona Miles: 932.4 mi
Month to date: 192.8 mi
2010 Total: 1349.4 mi

Today was an odd and busy day.  Squeezing a ride in was nearly impossible.  I managed to find about an hour mid-afternoon, but debated for a little while about whether a nap or a ride would be the thing to do.  I decided to ride.  It started as an easy ride north on the trail.  The wind was vicious … but I planned the headwind for the first part of the ride.  There were a lot of parents out with children riding the trail.  I really enjoy seeing that.  The return trip was a “breeze”.  I got back so much more quickly than anticipated, so I rode the loop near home.  I’m glad I chose the ride over the nap.

Yesterday, I degreased and oiled my chain.  What a difference that makes!  I couldn’t believe how quiet the rear cassette was!  I’m now watching that maintenance task much more closely.

I talked with a friend today who is intimidated by the Severna Park Peloton.  He and his wife take some long rides, including Century rides.  They rode a 50 mile ride last weekend.  But as he describes it, a 17 mph pace just isn’t possible for him.  I appreciate the change in mindset joining the Peloton  has made for me … and even more, getting to know some of the people who are riding.  It’s a great bunch of folks.

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