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Wednesday mid-day ride

by on May 12, 2010

This Ride: 21.8 mi
Kona Miles: 990.5 mi
Month to date: 250.9 mi
2010 Total: 1407.5 mi

When I set out for a mid-day ride, I simply wanted to get out and ride before any more rain started falling.  Yesterday, it rained all day.  Tomorrow I’ll not be able to ride, and Friday is questionable.  Shortly into the ride, I felt myself picking up the pace, using a higher gear than usual and a little slower cadence.  The focus is on building leg strength to increase speed.  I knew that I had a good fast ride when I finished, but I was completely surprised at the results.

18.3 mph for nearly 22 miles!

That’s a personal best.  Most of that was on the B&A Trail, which slows a rider down with all the intersections and others on the trail.

What felt best on the ride was coming up Ritchie Highway from White’s Road to Magothy Bridge Road.  On that uphill stretch at about 19 miles in, I was able to keep my speed up pretty well.

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