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Friday Breakfast and more

by on May 14, 2010

This Ride: 53.1 mi
Kona Miles: 1043.6 mi
Month to date: 304.0 mi
2010 Total: 1460.6 mi

After sitting all day yesterday, I was looking forward to getting out this morning.  The Friday morning breakfast ride started with 8-10 riders (I really wasn’t paying attention), all in pretty good moods.  It really was a nice ride to Annapolis.  I do love crossing the bridge in the early morning at the mouth of the Severn River.  Rowers are out, and the water is calm.  We got out of breakfast a little later than usual, so we focused on simply getting back.

I spotted the fabled speedo runner of Annapolis for the first time.  Apparently he runs in a speedo and running shoes, wearing nothing else, and does so in all sorts of weather.

What is happening to me?  I was asked if I was going to ride another long one today, and I said, “No.  I might add 25 more at the end of this ride, but I’m not going to push it.”  Another 25 after the 25 mile breakfast ride?  Now a 50 mile morning isn’t doing a long one?  Something is changing in my head!  (My first 50+ mile ride was 2 months ago and I averaged 13.7 mph on that ride.  I’ve ridden only 4 more of those since then, including today’s ride.  Today, I rode 53 and averaged 17 mph.)  A lot of this is mental.  Once the Century Ride seemed like a distant goal.  I think I could ride one today without a lot of problems, especially in a group.  I’m starting to consider 200k rides in early summer.

The St. Margaret’s Loop was really uneventful.  I’m seeing a lot of cardinals.  Eastern goldfinches can fly at least 18 mph (I clocked one).  I handled 3 phone calls while on this part of the ride.  The sun broke through the morning’s heavy overcast at about mile 46.  Forecast is for a steamy day.  I need to find a solution for the sweat that accumulates in my helmet over my forehead, because it drips into my right eye when I tip my head down a bit.

Tomorrow: Registration for the Seagull Century opens.

Oh, and a milestone for my Kona.  I’ve ridden it over 1000 miles since purchasing it in January.

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  1. If you can get someone to cover the sermon, Chris and I are riding a 200K Sunday. You’re welcome to join us!!

  2. Your perspective certainly changes when you ride for a while. Over the course of the winter, an email was sent out by one of the 5:45 riders that stated how his perspective had changed. When he woke up and looked at the thermometer it said 33 degrees and he thought to himself…”that’s not too bad.” So as you ride more, you will consider 50 miles a moderate ride.

    I look forward to doing a 200k with you this summer.

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