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Bike to Work Week – Day 1

by on May 17, 2010

This Ride: 17.0 mi
Kona Miles: 1057.9 mi
Month to date: 335.2 mi
2010 Total: 1491.8 mi

Have I told you that I hate the trainer?  Of course I have.  I really do hate it.

The first day of Bike to Work Week was rainy, and I almost went out anyway (just not to work).  There were only light sprinkles and I thought it would be more enjoyable than the trainer.  But then, some good interval work is always helpful.  So I jumped on the trainer and worked it.  I hate the trainer.

The plan was a 3 minute warm-up, followed by an interval to a target heart rate … then hold it until the end of the 5 minute interval, followed by a 3 minute cool-down to a target of 120 bpm, and repeat.  My targets for this ride were 140, 145, 150, 155, 150, 145, & 140 with a gradual 4 minute cool-down at the end.  I wanted to hold flatter tops than before, and typically rode about 3 minutes at the target heart rate.

As you can see, the heart rate graph demonstrates interval work pretty well.

Here is hoping for a dryer tomorrow.

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