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Bike to Work Week – Day 4

by on May 20, 2010

These Rides:  41.4 mi
Kona Miles:  1132.3 mi
Month to date: 409.6 mi
2010 Total:  1566.2 mi

I rode the long way into work this morning, and back home at noon.  Uneventful ride.  7.25 miles

I then decided to try my weekly longer ride this afternoon.  That ride tore me up and spit me out.  I first went to Sandy Point State Park, and it was a pleasant enough ride.  By the time I got to St. Margarets, I was feeling quite weary and was having a little trouble with a stretched cable for my front derailleur.  After 2-3 quick stops, I got that working fine, and proceeded into Annapolis.  Traffic slowed me down considerably.  Back across the bride to the trail and I had nothing left.  My last 14 miles were terribly slow.  I was embarrassed to be seen.

I hydrated.  I ate.  I did everything I know to do.  I’ll try some rest next.

I just hope I’ll have enough to keep up with the little extra longer ride into Annapolis tomorrow morning with the Severna Park Peloton for Bike to Work Day in Annapolis.

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