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Bike to Work Day Rally

by on May 21, 2010

This Ride:  30.5 mi
Kona Miles:  1162.8 mi
Month to date: 440.1 mi
2010 Total:  1596.7 mi

Today was the Bike to Work Day Rally in Annapolis.  Free food, t-shirt, bag, and other goodies.  Sign-ups for cycling advocacy.  Bike Doctor was there doing safety checks and tune ups.  Whole Foods had great bagels, fruit, and spreads.  Hard Bean had coffee.

Thirteen of us started at the Rusty Bridge and took a longer than usual route into Annapolis.  The peloton stretched out a bit more than usual, taking a route unfamiliar to many of us, eventually heading to St. Margarets Road, then crossing the Naval Academy Bridge into Annapolis. This was the third Friday in a row when we’ve seen deer, this time a pair and a yearling.

I estimate about 100 cyclists milling around between 7-7:45 am while most of us were there.  Festivities were scheduled to start at 8, with a group ride around the Capitol at 8:30.  Many had to get back to work before that.

The return was relatively uneventful.  I was in front for part of the ride back on the trail, and was struggling again.  Once I ducked back and hung on to Fran’s wheel, I noticed my heart rate dropping and speed coming up.  Drafting sure makes a difference.

Early in the ride the conversation was on Landis’ allegations, the Tour of California, Lance’s crash, and the crash caused by tacks in the road during a race in Leonardstown.

Milestones reached:  This ride put me over 100 hours in the saddle (bike & trainer combined) for the year.  It put me to my longest distance within a month (440 miles) with 10 days remaining.  It also accomplished my longest 3 day stretch (105 miles).

I snapped a photo or two at the rally, or so I thought.  None turned out.

We missed a few regular riders.  It was a gorgeous morning for a ride.

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