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Severna Park Peloton Pictured

by on May 22, 2010

Members of the Severna Park Peloton were on the front page of The Capital this morning.

Identifiable left to right are Clif, Earl, Brian, and Clint.

It looks like I need cool shades!

The photo was taken just as we were getting ready to leave. The photographer asked, “Are you guys a team? You are all wearing matching clothes.”

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  1. I’m really disappointed I missed all of that.

    Are you coming with us on the Sweet Sue’s ride to North Beach next weekend? Could be a good opportunity to break the century mark, if you haven’t already.

    The round trip is about 90 miles from Shipley’s choice. Factor in mileage to and from the start and you’re good for 100+.

    Hope to see you there.


    • ponderingpastor permalink

      I’ll not be able to ride with you all to North Beach. I already have other plans. Sounds like fun.

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