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Mosey Monday?

by on May 24, 2010

This Ride: 18.7 mi
Kona Miles: 1181.5 mi
Month to date: 458.9 mi
2010 Total: 1615.5 mi

The SPP “Mosey Monday” rides are described as a “recovery ride” so I decided to add it this week as a way to move into the 5:45 rides gradually.  Mosey isn’t how I’d describe it.

There were two of us at the Rusty Bridge at 5:45.  There were dry spots on the trail, but most of it was damp.  By the end of the ride, it was misting.  I let Dave set the pace (but I’m sure I held him back).  Soon, he was chatting away and I was gasping between 3 word phrases.  He was riding an old steel frame he had set up while his main bike was being repaired, and it was good to hear his stories and description of some of the components.  I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know my critical components yet.  Time to get that down.

I’ve only ridden the first half of the 5:45 route, so the return trip was new to me.  Clearly the plan is to integrate as many hills in the 20 mile route as possible while staying close to the trail.  I’d describe the return route as “rolling” hills though, nothing terribly demanding.  I’m noticing that the gears are not synced right in the highest 2 gears, so I’ll need to check that when I degrease and lube the chain later today.

Dave gave me a few lessons along the way … and I appreciate that.  I put one into instant practice.  I wore the riding gear into the shower and rinsed it off.  There was plenty of road grime from a fenderless ride in pretty damp conditions.  Most noticeable were the mulberry stains on my legs.

He also suggests I increase my cadence.  I don’t know if my 18.8 mph 5 mile segment was related to that advice or not, but the advice came about the start of that segment.  I felt like the novice I am today.  If I keep riding these early morning rides, I’ll certainly be challenged.

It was a nice way to start the week.

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