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SPP July 4 Sweet Sue Ride

by on July 5, 2010

(In honor of the Tour de France this month’s distances are in kilometers)

This Ride: 99.46 km
Kona Distance: 3,094.13 km
Month to date: 216.94 km
2010 Total: 3,844.88 km
Pace to 8,456.78 km mile goal in 2010: +74.03 km

There is a tradition of sorts of a Severna Park Peloton Ride to “Sweet Sue’s” in North Beach, Maryland. I started seeing emails about the ride Saturday evening and thought that it would be a good chance to do a group ride. After a few calls, emails, and text messages, I was in.  We met at the Davidsonville Park & Ride at around 7:30 am. Six riders showed up. We had two no-shows. Mike evidently had a mechanical problem with a new chain and a new rider never appeared. We shoved off at 7:40 with Janet, Jeff, Bob, Charlie, and Jane (who had never ridden with the group before although she had recently completed a Century).

It was apparent pretty early that the pace needed to be adjusted to Jane.  I’m glad it wasn’t me.  This southern part of Anne Arundel County is lovely.  We were on winding hilly tree-shaded roads a good part of the time.  Temperatures started to climb pretty rapidly from a comfortable start of about 70 degrees to the peak on the Garmin showing 104!  At least the humidity was low, and as long as we were moving, we were in pretty good shape. I never did find the temperatures oppressive.  Our pace was slow enough that there was a lot of conversation going on.

Hydration and electrolyte replacement was key today.  All of us went through water and electrolyte replacement beverages pretty rapidly.  Coming into North Beach is a pretty long downhill stretch.  I was able to increase my fastest time to 38.7 mph.  It was not as terrifying as the first over 38 mph downhill.

We arrived at Sweet Sue’s and it was closed.  The shop is closed Mondays.  After inquiring of a local, we found a different place for breakfast, and soon were camped out on the covered deck sucking down ice water and having a good time at breakfast.  Why does it always take so long for breakfast that the legs start to stiffen up?

On the return, Jane set a pretty steady pace and off the front we pulled ahead, stopped and waited, pulled ahead, stopped and waited.

We stopped for a few minutes at the place where a Severna Park Peloton rider died last year on July 3.  It was a cardiac event on this same ride.  I never did meet him.

The horses had been locked in the gate too long for this ride, and with about 5 miles to go, we really strung out the group.  It was a slight uphill most of those last miles.  Soon we were all back at the cars, put the AC on high, loaded the bikes, and journeyed back home.  The thermometer in Jeff’s van read 101 near my house.  I was surprised to see the Garmin record a peak of 104.  It was over 95 the whole way back.

This was an enjoyable ride.  No one fell.  No one flatted.  No one got in trouble with dehydration.  Traffic on the road was light. We missed you Mike.

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  1. You’ve described my deepest fear of group rides – being “Jane.” The lady was obviously a pretty good cyclist yet was outclassed by the group. You were all clearly very courteous, but I still wouldn’t want to be in her role. My situation is compounded by my hybrid, which loses 1-2 mph due to its design. Better to suffer in silence, I think!

  2. I’m so disappointed that I missed this one. I thoroughly cleaned the bike yesterday afternoon and put on the new chain. It didn’t occur to me until a couple hours later I’d better test ride that chain before setting out for 60 miles on a group ride. So I took it for a spin ’round my neighborhood just before sunset. I’m really glad I did. The skipping was terrible. I’d have had to turn back after a couple of miles if I’d tried to join you. BD Arnold got me straightened out with a new cassette and I did get a shorter ride in this afternoon.

    I’m glad to hear everyone had a good ride.

    I WAS the rider who set the pace this time last year. The SPP’s greatest strength is making everyone feel welcome and I kept coming back for more. I hope Jane enjoyed the day and will also return to join us again for more great rides.

  3. ponderingpastor permalink

    If you are able to find some people to ride with, however, you will speed up your learning curve. All our rides are “no drop” rides. Our fearless leader would kill us if we left anyone behind. Not all groups are like that. Some are “if you can keep up you might be able to ride with us” groups.

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