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Morning Pretty Ride

by on July 7, 2010

(In honor of the Tour de France this month’s distances are in kilometers)

This Ride: 32.2 km
Kona Distance: 3,152.2 km
Month to date: 274.9 km
2010 Total: 3,903km
Pace to 8,456.78 km mile goal in 2010: +75 km

The mid-Atlantic states have been caught in a high pressure system which has had the effect of locking us into very high temperatures.  Yesterday Baltimore reached 104 degrees and we expect to see temperatures of 100 again today.  That means these early morning rides are really important.  At 6:00 this morning it was already 77 degrees and climbing.  I don’t want to be riding in the afternoons, even though that is much more convenient for my schedule.

Having said that, it was a very pretty morning ride.  The sun rose a deep red color.  There were a lot of people out on the trail, and most seemed to be in pretty good spirits.  At one point this morning, a large buck crossed the trail in front of me.  It is always surprising to suddenly see a deer and have to hit the brakes to avoid hitting it.

I cranked out the miles (20 if your kilometer to mile conversion isn’t working) at a fair clip.  I saw Jeff and Evan on the trail.  Jeff’s headlight is really bright.  I could see him coming for a very long distance.  It reminded me of a train headlight on this trail which is a converted rail right of way.

It was a routine ride.  Not terribly fast, but not slow.  I’m really appreciating my Halo sweat band these days.  It keeps the sweat out of my eyes and fits well under the helmet.  It was soaked at the end of the ride.

This ends week 1 of the “Nickel & Dime ’em to Life” project to raise funds for ELCA World Hunger.  This week’s miles = 171.

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  1. Where do I sign up to contribute to your ELCA campaign?

    • ponderingpastor permalink

      If you are looking to donate, you can just talk to me. Outright donations, per mile pledges, and challenge pledges are all acceptable (one guy is pledging a nickel for every mile I ride more than him). Checks can be made out to Our Shepherd Lutheran Church with ELCA World Hunger Appeal on the memo line. Weekly, monthly, or end of the 6 months (end of the year) are all good ways to donate. See you Friday?

  2. It’s great to hear about what you are up to! Thanks for the great work. On behalf of all of us at ELCA World Hunger and our brothers and sisters around the world, THANK YOU!

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