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Primary Election Ride

by on September 14, 2010

This Ride: 18.8 miles
Kona Distance: 3,495.9 miles
Month to date: 319.1 miles
2010 Total: 3,962.3 miles
Pace to 5,254.8 mile goal in 2010: (278 miles ahead of goal pace)

With limited time this morning (meeting just south of Frederick, MD) and with only 4 of us at the Rusty Bridge at 5:45, we all took off together and rode both Terrible Tuesday and Timid Tuesday.  The only problem was that we got a bit mixed up.  I had planned Timid Tuesday and got Terrible Tuesday.  The faster, stronger riders anticipated Terrible Tuesday and got Timid Tuesday.  We all adjusted.

It was our regular route (I cut my part short due to the meeting).  I didn’t handle Round Bay Hill very well, and had a very tough time after the hill too.  On the way back, Dave stayed in “junior gear” with a cadence of 120 or so, while I hung on his wheel like glue.  It turned out to be a good workout for both of us, because of the adjustments.

I noticed again that I’m just not as fast in the morning as I can be in the afternoon.  It probably has something to do with nutrition and hydration.  This morning’s ride was a real workout, but I was much faster yesterday afternoon with more traffic on the trail (but no hill to manage).

It was a little cool this morning.  Temps were about 60 degrees, and I’m ready for some different layers.  Local and online shops I had looked at didn’t have my size in arm and leg warmers, so on my way home from Frederick, I stopped at the new Performance Bike shop in Columbia and picked up some gear.  Bib shorts I ordered online are expected to be delivered Thursday.  Some other cool weather gear ordered online will probably get here next week, but I can manage with what I have until then.

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  1. I’ve noticed the same thing commuting, I often have more zip in the afternoon / evening than I do in the mornings. Have you found any literature that supports your theory? It’s fascinating to me how much more tuned I am to my body’s response (feels good / strong, or not) even though I don’t always recognize the cause and effect…. yet.

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