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Whiney Wednesday

by on September 15, 2010

This Ride: 22.2 miles
Kona Distance: 3,518 miles
Month to date: 341.3 miles
2010 Total: 3,984.4 miles
Pace to 5,254.8 mile goal in 2010: (280 miles ahead of goal pace)

I’m not really “whiney”, but I am tired.  For some reason, I just didn’t have much this morning.

It was cool, about 58 degrees when I went out.  I was out in my new arm warmers and leg warmers purchased yesterday at the Performance Bike shop in Columbia, MD.  I’m not sure I needed the leg warmers, but the arm warmers helped.  Nothing else in my kit was different.  I could have used a little more for my core.  My new socks, shoe covers, and gloves are due Monday.

I started out with the group at the Rusty Bridge, but quickly discovered that I had “no legs” or energy and the pace of the group was much higher than I wanted to ride.  I dropped them (notice my use of an active verb here) at Old County Road and stayed on the trail, added the ride to the NA Bridge, and then returned.  There were quite a few folks out this morning on the trail, and I even saw Mike B on his commute to work … at least I saw Mike’s lights and reflective gear.  I didn’t see Mike himself.  The view from the bridge was spectacular.  Mornings are a very pretty time.

Once I got home, I was ready for a nap, but alas … work was calling.

My pace?  Actually pretty good (except the last 2 miles) considering how I felt.

I did watch a flock of geese come in low and land in a field.  Nice.

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