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Rideless Weekend

by on October 4, 2010

Combine absolutely beautiful fall weather, hundreds of cyclists out and about, and my crazy work schedule, and it results in no rides over the nicest weekend we’ve had in … forever!  Saturday I was out at 6 am working on cooking then selling chickens to raise money for the homeless shelter and food bank.  I even donned a chicken suit for part of the morning.  (Notice how clear those skies are!)  We saw a steady stream of cyclists riding by, and I later learned that some 20 SPP riders made the 7:30 ride.

In the afternoon and evening, I conducted a wedding and attended the reception.  A SPP founding member, Clint P. was a guest, and so at least we were able to talk cycling, much to the disappointment of the spouses.

Sunday was leading worship and teaching all morning, the Steeler-Raven’s game in the afternoon (with my daughter and her fiance present) and then, trying to catch up after the full weekend.  Rain had moved in by the time the game was over, and I wasn’t excited about riding in the rain as it was getting dark.

Fifty degrees and rain didn’t sound like a good combination to ride this morning, so I’ll either squeeze one in between rain bands later today or climb on the trainer.  Please, stop raining long enough for me to ride outside.

I have still been suffering from my fall on Friday.  Not only does my hip hurt with a deep muscle bruise, but I’ve had a constant headache since the accident.  The nurse practitioner I consulted indicated this was a sign of a slight concussion.  No other neurological signs point to anything I need to worry about for now.

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  1. FALL..? What happened?

    • ponderingpastor permalink

      See the post for Friday’s ride. The short answer is that I hit a wet bridge that was as slippery as ice and cracked my head hard when I went down.

  2. I’m glad you’ve seen a nurse. Headaches for 2+ days are not normal. Please see a doctor if they persist. If they stop, PLEASE OH PLEASE get on your bike wearing that chicken suit – and provide pics!!! 🙂

  3. I support Martin’s suggestions:

    1) Don’t ignore the headaches
    2) DO replace the helmet, visible crack or no, they are intended to be used once. 3) The chicken suit really needs to appear on the bike. I’ll be happy to help film it for YouTube.

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