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Cool Terrible Tuesday (and more)

by on October 5, 2010

These Rides: 29.5 miles
Kona Distance: 3,864.4 miles
Month to date: 54.4 miles
2010 Total: 4,350.9 miles
Pace to 5,254.8 mile goal in 2010: (266.5 miles ahead of goal pace)

Ten miles yesterday afternoon on the trainer was enough.

This morning’s 50 degrees defied the forecast of 45 degrees.  These cool mornings, the critical decisions are what to wear, and a few degrees makes all the difference in the world.  I chose properly this morning, with three layers on the core, two pair of socks and a wind cover for my shoes.  I was comfortable at a reasonable pace and warm when we were powering it up.

I discovered my rear tire had very low pressure in it this morning.  I pumped it up, didn’t hear anything, so took a chance riding it.  It maintained pressure the entire ride.  I’ll check it later today.

There were six to eight riders this morning.  It was dark and we were ready to move quickly so an exact count is tough.  Within a few miles, two riders were off the front and the rest set a brisk pace.  At Old County Road, three of us avoided the hill, and were caught the by the two front riders soon after hitting the trail.  We waited for the rest at the end and maintained a nice paceline down B&A Blvd.  I’ve been reading and watching videos of appropriate paceline riding, and I’ve learned a few things in the past couple of days that I put into practice.  I still tend to miss it when the lead drops back, I suck the wheel so intently that I follow.  I’m starting to notice the arm wiggle a little more often though.  Today, I was able to maintain the pace when it was my turn to pull rather than surge ahead like I’ve been doing in the past.  It makes for a more consistent ride.

Soon it was done.  Some of the riders are not going to be pressing the speed now until the spring.  It is just too dark to ride fast and hard.  I’m looking forward to more of that myself, knowing that we will still have a quick pace.

Talk on the ride was about the upcoming Seagull Century (Saturday), Contador’s possible doping, and the upcoming OC11.  Some want to see me out on the bike in the chicken suit.  That will happen only under the right conditions.

This evening, I’ll likely ride the Tuesday Pizza ride.  I might be on new tires, it just depends on how the day goes.

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