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Only waiting for spring

by on February 3, 2011

This Ride: 20.1 miles
Month: 32.1 miles
2011: 492.2 miles
Cumulative Total: 6,611.9 miles

The groundhog has spoken. Spring is just around the corner. It is time to be out on the bike, riding outside.  If one waits for spring to arrive, you will be behind the curve.

I was however, apprehensive about the route conditions this morning.  Yesterday, the temperatures hit 50°F melting snow and causing water to flow freely across the streets.  This morning it was 29°F, and all that water turned to slick sheets of ice.  I wasn’t sure just how much ice we would encounter.  Dave, Dan, Chip, and I met at the RB and set out with caution, Chip on the fixie.  The first part of the ride was slow.  We were being careful, and it felt like I was waiting for the others along the route, they rode about 40 yards or more behind me.  That all changed at the turn around point.

Dan took the lead and ground out a steady, quicker pace into a stiff headwind.  The ice was really no worse than most winter days, and so we pressed on.  There was nothing outstanding about the ride.  It was a simple, normal, winter ride.  I added the B&A Loop at the end (and a Jumper’s Hole loop at the beginning) just to get to 20 miles for the morning.

It is nice to see brighter skies in the morning.

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  1. Glad to see your paths are cleared. Down in Prince William there are snow banks blocking the crosswalks, which makes traversing each street an adventure (as I discovered last night).

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