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Chilly Coffee Ride

by on February 4, 2011

This Ride: 25 miles
Month: 57.1 miles
2011: 517.3 miles
Cumulative Total: 6,637 miles

This morning it was 26°F when Dan, Bryan, Bob C, Mike, Chip, and I met up at the Rusty Bridge for our Friday Breakfast Ride.  We again rode the winter route since there remains real problem spots on the trail.  Bob is really trying to get back on the bike regularly and his fitness level is pretty low, so we had a slower than usual pace to start.  Bob bailed in Arnold, choosing to return home rather than continuing on to Annapolis.  We picked up Bill just before Old County Road, so with the additions and departures it was a challenge keeping track who was with us in the dark.

Mike split off and went to Chick & Ruth’s to meet up with his friends.  The rest of us went to Hard Bean where we were met by Clint and later joined by Jeff who both arrived by car.  Conversation was lively.   The sunrise was spectacular.

The return trip was quicker, really testing my current limits for speed and heart rate.  It was tougher for me this morning since I had a physical scheduled for 9 am and had been asked to have no food after midnight for fasting blood work.  (That’s why this was a coffee ride for me.)  I do enjoy these rides.

The Dr. appointment was great.  Blood Pressure was fantastic.  The Dr. continues to be impressed with my overall health and is fascinated by the cycling routine and changes I’ve accomplished.  Two years ago I was 35 lbs heavier, had high blood pressure and cholesterol levels high enough to be a near emergency.  Sleep apnea kept me tired all the time.  None of these are issues today.  Much of that is due to cycling.

Now, time to make some decisions about whether or not to ride a 200k in February, and if so, where and when.

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