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Two rides in three days

by on April 14, 2011

This Ride: 19.98 miles
Month: 244.1 miles
2011: 1,727.8 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 7,847.5 miles

This Ride: 22.0 miles
Month: 266.1 miles
2011: 1,749.8 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 7,869.5 miles

I’ve been jammed at work the past couple of days and didn’t take the time to post my ride on Tuesday.  Wednesday I chose not to ride because of rain, fatigue, and pressing work matters.

Tuesday we resumed “Terrible Tuesday”.  I got out early, putting in about 9 miles before meeting the group at the Rusty Bridge.  Temps were absolutely wonderful.  It was 67°F at the start, and only dropped down to 64.  Rain was threatening and it was humid, but we stayed dry.  I had to cut my ride short, ending where Old County meets B&A and returned solo.  I had a great pace, the fastest 20 mile ride of the year so far.  I was pleased I could keep up as well as I did.  Adding these faster rides mid-week should help increase my fitness and my usual speed.  That result is what I’m looking for.

Thursday’s ride was more of a challenge for me.  I didn’t dress warm enough for the ride.  Leaving my house it was 48.  Returning home was 43.  I was dressed for 50 – 55 as I look at my clothing charts.  My mind is fried.  I don’t know how many riders we had.  We didn’t have a fast pace as I expected.  The Fleche team was all out, and thinking through their 24 hour ride beginning Saturday at 7:00 am.  The forecast is for rain.  My Garmin acted up, with the display freezing at one point.  Somehow my cadence magnet is not registering (battery?).  I’m just glad I wasn’t doing a long solo ride today because mentally I was not in top form.  That’s when it is extra good to ride with a group.

I will say that I felt better after the ride than I did before the ride.

I’m also scrambling a bit now to put in the miles I need for this month.  To be back on track I need 59 miles tomorrow.  That should be possible.  Holy Week will be a challenge getting the requisite miles in, but OC12 is at the end of the month, and should add 100+ miles.

I’m posting only Tuesday’s Garmin track due to the hiccup in today’s Garmin data.

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  1. A new battery did the trick when my cadence readouts started looking flaky. I replaced the HR monitor batter at the same time just to be sure. I took both sensors to Battery Warehouse and they swapped ’em in about 2 minutes.

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