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Annapolis, BWI, Elkridge, & BWMC

by on April 15, 2011

This Ride: 57.2 miles
Month: 323.3 miles
2011: 1,807.0 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 7,926.7 miles

Ahh, Friday. I was so looking forward to getting out for a little stress reduction and a good ride this morning. My goal was 59 miles. I ended up with 57. Close enough.

Our group met in two locations this morning.  The Rusty Bridge was the meeting place for some of us.  Then we stopped at the Ranger Station as Bryan loaded gear to transport to the finish line of the Fleche.  Five from our group are riding some 250 miles in 24 hours from Severna Park, into Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, & Washington D.C.  The forecast is for rain.  That was the topic of conversation for most of the ride and most of breakfast this morning.  When we pushed off from the Ranger Station, we had 9 riders, all in a pretty good moods.

Six of us rode into Annapolis to the Hard Bean for breakfast.  Mike B. even joined us there, which is always a treat.  Some stories were told about a cold, wet Fleche ride a few years ago when some of the group experienced hypothermia, one so bad that he was not able to finish.  These rides can be seriously dangerous, and not just from motor vehicles.  Knowing one another, trusting each other, and watching out for one another are critical because with the stress can come a serious lack of judgment.

Soon we were pushing off and I joined Mike on his commute to work.  It was here that I discovered one of the consequences of my significant calorie restriction as I attempt to lose about 10-15 lbs.  Last night’s supper was an apple (I wasn’t hungry) and this morning I had a muffin and coffee.  On the ride to the Airport my heart rate was significantly higher than usual for the speed we were going, and it felt like a much greater effort.  I didn’t “bonk” but I really had to watch my pace.  As I review my previous rides, my average heart rate for this ride was similar to other rides where I averaged a couple of mph faster than I did today.

[Note to self: Increase the calories the week before OC-12.]

After Mike split off to finish the route to work, I continued on and added an out and back to Elkridge in an attempt to get to my 59 mile goal.  That is a nice route to go, and I’ll need to keep it in mind for the summer when I’m attempting to increase my daily mileage.

The ride ended at Baltimore Washington Medical Center where I needed to pick up Lori’s car and transport it home, so the bike went in the back and the ride was over.

This was one of those routine rides.  There were no near misses.  Drivers of other vehicles were courteous.  Two banana peels were spotted.  Daredevil bunnies were out in force before dawn.  The sunrise was pretty.  No flats.  Good friends to ride with most of the way.  Good food and coffee at Hard Bean.  Temperatures were comfortable.  Yes, it was a good morning.

Bill C is riding Sailing Down to Solomons today … solo.  It is his first official 200k.  It is a perfect day for it.  Bonne Route! (I thought about accompanying him, but really couldn’t swing it for today with too many other things on the agenda for the rest of the day.)

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