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Catching up on a Rest Day

by on April 28, 2011

The following is a description of two rides, bringing me up to date.

Tuesday Pizza Ride

This Ride: 28.1 miles
Month: 560.5 miles
2011: 2,044.2 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 8,163.9 miles

Last fall, Janet B started a Tuesday evening “Pizza Ride” that I was able to participate in a couple of times.  Now that the weather has warmed up again, and there is more daylight in the evening, these rides have resumed.  Nine of us pushed off from the Rusty Bridge for a good ride into Cape St. Clair, across Hwy 50, into St. Margaret’s and then returning on the B&A Trail to Old Town Severna Park and a local Italian restaurant.  It was warm, relatively quick, and a great chance to ride with some I don’t get to ride with very much.

An observation: When riding with those you’ve never ridden with before, no matter how experienced you or they are, watch them for a while.  One of the riders (who will go nameless here) was a strong, and experienced rider, but completely unpredictable.  Holding his wheel in a paceline was absolutely dangerous.  Even being near him could be hazardous because he would suddenly decide to slow down or move into another “lane”.  I appreciate that his situational awareness made these moves “safe” for him, but there was little, if any warning to those around him that those moves were being made.  I like predictability when I’m less than a foot off someone’s wheel or riding 6 inches from their handlebars.

On the return on the B&A Trail, we had several “breakaway” attempts, and four of us wouldn’t let it happen.  It was fun to be moving at 27+ mph on the flats.

At the restaurant, we were joined by some who did not ride, and by Mike B who stopped by on his commute home from work.  We nearly had the restaurant to ourselves.  It was a good ride, and a good time with friends.

Wednesday 5:45 Ride

This Ride: 23.5 miles
Month: 584 miles
2011: 2,067.8 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 8,187.5 miles

Wednesday morning was another unseasonably warm morning with 67°F.  It sure doesn’t take long to get dressed for these temps!  After Tuesdays two fast rides, I was pretty exhausted, and was determined to take it easy.  At the Rusty Bridge, five riders elected to do a Solley Road fast loop (minimal traffic signals and stop signs) while Mike B. and I opted for the traditional route at an easier pace.  Along the way we picked up Ben and Jeff who had opted not to meet at the Rusty Bridge.  This change in plans later spurred a lively discussion via email with what I think will prove to be an increase in the number of riders who make it all the way to the RB for the start rather than waiting for us along a planned route hoping there is no change in morning route.

We avoided Round Bay hill, and proceeded to the top of the Naval Academy Bridge for a hoped for sunrise … but it was completely overcast.  The ride was enjoyable and uneventful.

I planned then to rest on Thursday so I am relatively fresh for the Ocean City ride on Saturday.  The forecast for Thursday morning was for rain/thunderstorms.  Those didn’t materialize, but I’m still glad I took the morning off.  I’ll ride the breakfast ride on Friday and then prep the bike for the ride on Saturday.  Barring some major catastrophe on the Saturday ride, I’m in fine shape to exceed my April goal of 650 miles.

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