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Non Royal Wedding Ride

by on April 29, 2011

This Ride: 26.7 miles
Month: 610.8 miles
2011: 2,094.5 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 8,214.9 miles

Last night, I put out a post to the Severna Park Peloton group that anyone missing from the 5:45 ride this morning was to be presumed to be watching the Royal Wedding.  The comment actually got one rider out who has not ridden with the group in quite some time.  We had nine of us who avoided the Royal Wedding by cycling this morning.  It was a pleasant day.  I decided to wear as little as I thought I could in order to test my clothing choices for the beginning of the Ocean City Ride tomorrow morning.  At 50°F I do need toe covers, arm warmers, and long fingered gloves.  At 55° the short fingered gloves are fine and arm warmers are comfortable.  My knees were exposed and felt fine.  Conventional wisdom is that in people my age, knees need to be covered up to 70°.  I’m back and forth with that one.

Six of us rode into Annapolis for breakfast, including Mike who went on to Chick and Ruth’s.  The rest were at Hard Bean.  Meena (sp?) served us well and when we were done, brought out two individual servings of hot apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top as a treat.  I never had pie and ice cream for breakfast before.  The sugar rush not only got Dan to confess that sometimes he goes home and dishes up ice cream and cereal in a bowl as a post ride snack, but I think it increased our pace on the way home.

This evening, we have a short “happy hour” at Clint’s house in order to pick up our new SPP clothing ordered a couple of months ago.  Tomorrow, our Ocean City Ride (OC-12) pushes off at 8:00 am from Stevensville, MD.  The forecast is perfect.  At least 18 riders are covering the 115-120 mile route to Ocean City, and 8 are doing the return trip Sunday.  Mary Ann is ready at “Dave’s Place” (the biker bar) for breakfast.  We will be stopping in at the Dogfish Head brewery for a tasting and hopefully to meet the owner.  We told him we were coming through and that he could meet Randy, the RAAM rider who has been sponsored by Dogfish Head.

Today I’ll clean up the bike, lube the chain, check the brakes and tires and tweek the shifting.

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