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Swamped at Work but Still Riding

by on September 22, 2011

These Rides: 49.5 miles
Month: 597.2 miles
2011: 5,714.6 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 11,834.3 miles

Two mornings, two good rides. Yesterday was a fast morning, with everyone avoiding Round Bay and simply climbing the Old County Road Sprint. I was able to improve on my best time by a few seconds, moving to 18.7 mph average up the hills.  Chip was out on his fixie, and I clocked him at 35 mph on the fixie!

This morning was an easy pace.  No one wanted to ride fast on wet pavement and after two fast days, my legs didn’t have a lot of speed left in them.  I put in an easy 28.5 miles today.   Nothing much to tell, except that I nearly ran over a squirrel.  It couldn’t make up its mind where to go, and with me headed at it at 19 mph, indecision can be dangerous for us both.  I missed it by 2 inches, once it decided to exit stage left.

I’ll have to work at it a bit, but I’m still reasonably on track for my 800 mile goal this month.  I’m also inching up on last year’s ride total.

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