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Some Bike Maintenance

by on September 22, 2011

Since both bikes have now been ridden in wet conditions, and some maintenance was due because of mileage and flat rear tires, I pulled them both out:

  • washed them,
  • cleaned and lubed the chain,
  • replaced the batteries in the Garmin sensors and readjusted the sensors,
  • adjusted the brakes &

One of the rear brakes on the fixie was contacting the tire sidewall and a bubble was forming where the sidewall was getting thin and weak.  I pulled off the wheel (making this the second time I’ve had the wheel off and getting better at it) replaced the tire with one I had in stock, and then replaced the wheel with very little effort and time consumed.

Now that is what you call preventive maintenance.

If the bike makes noise or otherwise doesn’t do something right, check it.

I’ve got a spreadsheet also that alerts me to maintenance items and inspections at certain mileage distances.  I may not hit all the scheduled items real consistently, but a regular thorough inspection is worth the effort.

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