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Fixie Forty

by on September 23, 2011

This Ride: 40.1 miles
Month: 637.3 miles
2011: 5,754.7 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 11,874.4 miles

With forecasts of heavy rain, emails went out last evening indicating those who planned to ride despite the rain.  I included myself in the list.  The fixie was ready, and the time came to leave the house.  It was dry until I left the house, and one little cell of rain decided to dump on the area.  Despite that, there were 9 riders out in the dark and the rain for the morning ride, with 7 of us going on into Annapolis for breakfast (three on fixies).  The rain stopped as 5:45 rolled around, and as we headed south on the trail, the route became completely dry.

On the entrance to the Naval Academy Bridge, I set my personal best speed on the fixie at 30.2 mph.  I calculate that to be over 150 rpm (the cadence sensor still isn’t working right).  The multiple gear riders get behind us and laugh at the “frog legs in a blender” look as we spin up to these ridiculous cadences.

We had a nice breakfast, saying our hellos to George, the crossing guard and to the Boot Camp athletes who also stop in post workout at The Hard Bean.  As we were leaving, we caught a little light mist, but soon we were headed back in dry conditions.  Near the end of the ride, as I left the rest of the group, I picked up the pace and pressed on for some faster miles.

Left to Right: Mike B, Bryan, Earl, Chip, Clint, Janet

This was also my longest single ride on the fixie.  All in all, a nice morning to be out.


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