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Catching up … again

by on October 28, 2011

These Rides: 70.9 miles
Month: 600.2 miles
2011: 6,519.8 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 12639.5 miles

Wednesday: I rode the usual 22+ miles with the 5:45 group.  It was much warmer than expected, and most of us overdressed, having become accustomed to 10 degrees cooler in recent weeks.  We quickly divided into two groups.  I was in the slower group.  Now, two days later, I just don’t remember much else.

Thursday: Wednesday evening I announced to the group that I would not be riding because I had an early morning appointment in Annapolis.  As it turns out, it was raining pretty good at ride time and I later learned that only two riders were out.

Friday: Friendly Fixie Friday started with 11 riders with six continuing on into Annapolis and Jeff S. joining us by car.  The forecasters missed the low, predicting that it would be colder than it was, and so we enjoyed a 42° F morning.  I matched my best time across the Naval Academy Bridge (on the fixie) and was quite comfortable with my 32+ mph top speed with the Garmin saying I topped out at only 121 RPM.  (Calculators indicate I had to be doing 150 RPM.)  Following a sticky bun and coffee breakfast, I joined up with Mike B and rode north around the airport before picking up a car again at the hospital where Lori works.  There were several times on that extended route I simply wanted to quit, but I’m glad I continued on.

Recently, I’ve noted that my right Achilles Tendon has been giving me fits and today was no different.  I had a hard time walking once I was off the bike.  A quick internet search suggests that maybe I have my right cleat too far forward.  I’ll move it back some for my next ride, and see if that doesn’t help reduce the pain.

Evidently part of Wednesday's route is blocked for National Security reasons

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