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October Slides Away

by on October 31, 2011

This Ride: 22.4 miles
Month: 622.5 miles
2011: 6,542.2 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 12661.9 miles

This was the coldest morning since March and it required a re-thinking about clothing for the morning ride. Decisions are made based on my clothing chart, and the planned effort for the ride. With this being Mosey Monday, a slower pace was anticipated which meant dressing a little warmer. Once I’m out the door, I can’t put on more, but I can cool down if needed. When I left home it was 34° F, and when I got home it was below freezing.

Nine riders were out this morning.  I was a little surprised by that.  We had good conversation and rode a reasonable, easy pace.  I rode the fixie.  I forgot I was going to adjust my cleats and suffered again for the procrastination.  When I got home, I moved the rear cleat back to the stops.  We had some water on the route, but luckily it was still of the liquid variety.  We did negotiate frost on a wooden bridge.  In once section, there was a fine frosty fog that almost tasted like dust.

Clint is starting to talk Fleche rides (April) and testing out whether or not there can be two SPP teams.  I’ll consider it.

As we move into winter riding now, I’ve ordered chemical toe warmers and reviewing my clothing options.

I’m disappointed with my mileage for October.  I had hoped for at least 800 miles on the month.  But it was a month of accomplishments none the less.

October saw:

  1. My longest distance in 24 hours. (227 miles)
  2. Passing 2010’s total distance.
  3. Passing 1/2 circumference of the earth since 1/1/10.
  4. Longest distance covered in 7 days (338 miles)

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