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Post Halloween The World Looks Hung Over

by on November 1, 2011

This Ride: 30.8 miles
Month: 30.8 miles
2011: 6,572.9 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 12692.6 miles

This morning was a tough one getting out the door.  No, it wasn’t partying from last night.  I simply was slow, relatively unorganized, and once I got out the door, I noticed that it had rained so I found the fenders, put them on, and pushed out the door much later than usual.  There was more traffic than usual on the roads, and when the roads are wet, the lights just don’t illuminate the surface well.

When I got to the Rusty Bridge, I needed to check on some small noises from the bike, but noticed Dennis and what appeared to be a ghost.  There standing on the bridge next to Dennis was a white naked headless female manikin.  You don’t see that every day on the bridge.  Dennis took a photo.   It was then that we noticed the arms were on the wrong side, so we fixed that and made sure everyone else on the ride came up on the bridge to see the sight.

Although it is now November and it was wet, about half of the group was feeling frisky this morning and rode ahead while the rest of us, yes me included, hung back .  I didn’t seem to have much stamina this morning.  It wasn’t long before I noticed my right Achilles tendon complaining again.  Yes, I moved the cleats after yesterday’s ride.  This one is puzzling me.  I extended my ride a bit, continuing on after the ride up to Marley Station Mall and decided to circumnavigate the mall.  I hadn’t done that before and it is not a bad option.

On my way to the mall and around the mall I noticed two fitness centers.  The lights were very bright and there were a scattering of cars parked in the lots.  I’m really glad I don’t have to drive to get to my morning workout, and I don’t mind the dark mornings, and in fact prefer the dim light to the stark brightness of those fitness centers.

As I headed back home, I noticed what I refer to in the title about how the world looks hung over.  As it got light, I saw some smashed pumpkins, toilet paper in some trees, and very sad looking deflated “inflatable” decorations.  In the early light and after the rain, it was all pretty depressing.  I met mike on his commute north to work as I was headed south on the trail.  By the time we recognized one another, we were able only to bark out a quick greeting and then we were past each other.  It was nice while it lasted.

And so begins November.

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  1. Would have loved to stop but I was running late. Now of the course the early meeting I was worried about has been cancelled so I’m enjoying a cup of coffee and catching up on blogs.

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