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Back in the saddle again

by on November 10, 2011

These Rides: 45.1 miles
Month: 200.1 miles
2011: 6,742.3 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 12862 miles

Despite the suggestion of Lori to stay in one more day to heal, I decided yesterday to get back out on the bike.  I was a little amazed that I was a bit hesitant and concerned about falling, but then, if I fall, I will hurt the places that are still hurting.  We had 6-8 riders out on a cool morning, and I suffered through every bump in the road for the first half of the ride.  After riding a while, the endorphins seemed to kick in and I didn’t hurt quite as much.  By the end of the ride I was feeling much better.

It was an easier decision to get out this morning.  The pain is gradually subsiding, but bumps still hurt my ribs and elbow.  It was 50° F with thick fog.  Visibility at times was about 30 -5o yards.  This kept our speed down.  Those who could ride without glasses did because the fog was so thick that the lenses needed to be wiped 4-5 times every mile.  After riding a little while, most were noticing that water was dripping off the helmets onto our faces.  We encountered a few people walking on the trail without benefit of lights or much reflective gear, but we were hyper-alert for this possibility and kept a sharp watch as far as the lights would reach.  Several of our more seasoned riders wore full reflective vests for this ride.  I wore my usual reflective belt and ankle reflectors.

My fall and road rash has regenerated the ongoing discussion of shaving legs or not.  Dan and I both rode together for a while and promised each other an intervention if the other wavered on our strict no shaving legs policy.

All too soon the ride was over.  Two great rides are coming up in the next two days.  Tomorrow is Friendly, Fixie Friday and breakfast in Annapolis.  Saturday is the Flatbread 200k on the Eastern Shore … a brevet sponsored by DC Ranndoneurs.  We are expecting about 50 riders for a great fall day of riding.  This will be my 12th consecutive monthly 200k, qualifying me for the R-12 medal/award.  We also have riders who will be completing their R-36 and R-24.

In the maintenance department, I installed a new chain on my Kona on Tuesday.  This was the first time I attempted that feat and it was so easy that I’m embarrassed I had not attempted it earlier.  Before Saturday, new tires and brake pads are in order.  I’m also still tweaking my cleat position on my shoes.



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  1. Real men don’t shave their legs. Looking forward to Saturday.

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