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Chilly Friendly Friday without the Fixie

by on November 11, 2011

This Ride: 27.9 miles
Month: 227.9 miles
2011: 6,770.1 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 12889.8 miles

I chose not to ride the fixie this morning.  I’m still pretty sore and thought I’d like to be able to coast when I want to.  I couldn’t see spinning a high cadence without increasing the pain level.

People were slow to arrive this morning at the Rusty Bridge.  At 5:45 there were only four of us, but soon our ranks swelled to nine riders on a chilly, slow morning down the trail.  It felt much colder than the 40°F temps, some of that caused by a building wind, and some caused by our relatively slow pace.  Everyone was content with the pace, and we enjoyed watching the sunrise add color to the sky.  It sure is different to ride with more light in the morning, but that will fade soon enough.

Our crew was slim on the way to Annapolis for breakfast.  We had five for breakfast and were joined by Jeff (via car).  He passed us on the Naval Academy Bridge, giving us grief as we pushed slowly up the hill.  Jeff is recovering from his crash last Friday, with a broken clavicle, a broken finger, and something wrong with his hip/pelvis.  We were treated with double chocolate raspberry cake and whipped cream during breakfast and endured the very chilly start of the ride back from breakfast.  (We get a little sweat going, sit in a warm building, then climb on the bikes again and the temperature feels like it has dropped 10 degrees for the first few miles.)

Much of our conversation was about Flatbread tomorrow.  We will have a good turnout from SPP and I’m looking forward to the ride.  The forecast is chilly for the start, reasonable winds for the Eastern Shore, and pleasant highs during the day.  Happy Hour follows the ride.

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