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Kicked to the curb by a broken rib

by on November 22, 2011

Rides between November 13 and November 22 (inclusive) = 2
These Rides: 47.9 miles
Month: 404.6 miles
2011: 6,946.7.8 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 13066.4 miles

Yes, this has been a tough stretch.  The rib hurts, although the pain is gradually subsiding.  When I stress it, as in riding Flatbread or lifting something heavy, I suffer the next day.  The most painful time is at night in bed.  I can’t lay in a position that is comfortable.  Today I intended to ride, but when I got up, the pain was more intense than it has been in a week.  Besides, it was raining.

Maybe I can get back on the bike and be a little more consistent soon.  I’m still not riding the fixie.  I need the ability to coast to assist with pain management.

I really did enjoy the rides.

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