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Now that was nice

by on November 23, 2011

This Ride: 26.6 miles
Month: 421.1 miles
2011: 6,973.3 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 13093 miles

Four riders gathered at the Rusty Bridge in the foggy dark morning just after the rain ended.  We were disappointed that more didn’t join us, but we knew that for many the Thanksgiving holiday had begun.  The plan was to ride to Annapolis for breakfast, and to be back home around 8 am.  It was warm, and I wore a short sleeve jersey and my bib shorts.  Mike B had more on and stripped off a layer before we pushed off.  It was nice riding in these temperatures this late in November.  We picked up Chip along the way.  He was riding his brand new randonneuring bike, getting it dirty on its very first time out.  Matt turned around at the end of the trail leaving Chip, Bryan, Mike and I for the trip into Annapolis.  Near the south end of the trail the fog thickened, and it was increasingly hard to see, especially with glasses fogging over and the wet road surface.

Breakfast was nice.  It was a breakfast sandwich for me, with hot coffee and Myna brought us a piece of Red Velvet cake and a piece of Carrot cake.  Yummy (although we only ate a few bites each).  I hated to leave cake on the plate, but since Dan wasn’t with us, it wasn’t polished off.

On the way back home, the sun was up and the fog was starting to burn off.  We discussed fleche plans and began to plan a Boxing Day 200k.  The pressure to accumulate another R-12 immediately on the heels of this last one is mounting!

The rib only complained lightly.  I’m starting to think about fixie again.

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