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On a Day Like This I Have to Ride

by on November 27, 2011

This Ride: 26.5 miles
Month: 457.6 miles
2011: 6,999.8 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 13119.5 miles

Sunday afternoon with no meetings!  Outdoor temps are 70° F.  Lori is gone out of town and the “honey-do” list has nothing on it.  It’s time for a ride!

I got out shortly after 2:00 wearing my bib shorts and a short sleeve jersey and was amazed not only how many others were out enjoying the warm end of November weather, but how overdressed they were.  I saw coats, balaclavas, long pants and long fingered gloves on cyclists.  Of course, the speed most were going meant that the only sweat being generated was the overheating variety.  I had an easy pace, and was not passed by a single rider over many miles of trails.  Yes, I passed plenty of people.

I was out on the fixie.  This was the first time I’ve ridden it since my return from the crash where I broke the rib.  The rib gave me no trouble on the ride, but the ride did wear me out!  I’m a lot tireder post-ride than I expected.

The temperatures were marvelous.  The wind was a little gusty, but since that is what brought the warm temperatures, I’m not going to complain.

It would have been nice to ride with someone … but that will come tomorrow.  I’m off work all week, and I intend to get some miles in.

Had I known I was 0.2 miles from 7,000 miles on the year, I would have pushed on just a little further.  Oh well, tomorrow.

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