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Tired of being on the sidelines

by on November 28, 2011

This Ride: 22.9 miles
Month: 480.5 miles
2011: 7,022.7 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 13142.4 miles

Another milestone passed!  I’ve logged over 7,000 miles this year on the bike.  My annual goal has been 8,000 and I doubt I’ll make that one, but this is no small feat.

It was a great morning for our weekly Mosey Monday Ride.  I was surprised that at 5:45 there was only one lone light on the horizon and I was the only one on the bridge.  It was 51°, so that shouldn’t have stopped anyone.  I stayed up late and watched the game last night.  Bill C was the rider pulling up, and we both marveled at how few were out.  Soon enough, we picked up Dan, Clif, and Chip and so we had good conversational groups.  I rode the fixie again.

The sunrise was spectacular.  It started with the deepest, darkest reds, gradually brightening as the morning progressed.  Soon enough our ride will be started and ended in the dark again.  But for now, we get to see great sunrises.  Ours was a little quicker pace than most Mosey Mondays, but it felt good, and it feels like the rib is mending enough that I can be back out consistently again.

On the way home, I cut a light a little tight, causing some cars to brake, and with the extra shot of adrenaline that gave me, I was able to power up Ritchie Highway home with my personal best speed.

Oh how I love that first hour home after a good ride like this morning!  Those endorphins are the best.

If the weather holds today, I’ll get my bikes out for a much needed cleaning and degreasing.  I’ll also be making an appointment for the fixie at the Bike Doctor so I can get sealed bearings installed for my winter riding adventures.

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